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Published Oct 13, 21
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No paid tactics are involved – not Google Ad, Words, Facebook ads, or any other kind of pay-to-play PPC advertising. So, how do you sell someone SEO services? You educate the client. The more you know about SEO – how it works and what is required by both the client and those providing the services – the better the overall customer relationship will be.

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I’ve seen clients want more work done and be happy to pay for more SEO when they understand what’s being done and how difficult SEO is to do it right and be successful. Transparency is Key to a Good SEO-Client Relationship, I truly believe in honesty and transparency. If a consultant or an agency performing SEO services can’t be completely transparent and honest with clients about what they’re doing to get better organic rankings and visibility, then there’s something wrong.

Granted, it’s perfectly fine if the client doesn’t want all of the technical details about what’s being done. I’ve run into clients who want all of the details of every single link built to their website and a list of changes that have been done on their site. Advertisement, Continue Reading Below, I’ve also seen clients who, when presented with details of work done, just scanned it or didn’t completely understand it all.

Their job is to understand the searcher’s intent. Just because a website doesn’t show up for one particular search query or keyword doesn’t mean that an SEO hasn’t done their job. There are lots of reasons why a website won’t show up for a particular keyword. It could be anything from customization (the search engines customize the search results for each user) to the way the keyword phrase or search query is worded.

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For many search queries, Google will show local results, especially when the keyword includes a city name or a location’s name (such as “Colorado Springs hotels”). See the sample search for “Colorado Springs Hotels” below:As you can see, there are several different “sections” of the search results in Google. To appear in each of these sections, they all require a different marketing strategy.

In many cities, the local maps listings are competitive, and there are a lot of factors that come into play, such as reviews, the number of times the local business’ name, address, phone number (referred to NAP) appear on other websites (called citations). The organic results typically are shown below the paid ads and oftentimes below the local results or maps listings.

SEO typically is a lot of work. It isn’t something that is just done overnight (or even in a week or a few weeks). It’s an overall strategy that takes time. Because of this, the client should understand that some competitive niches (or topics/industries) could take years to get good organic visibility.

The more links you had from other websites, the better you ranked in the search results. Google made links the currency of the web: so much so that SEOs manipulated links, bought and sold links, which still goes on today. In the past few years, link manipulation by SEOs has become a big problem for Google.

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Once the issue is changed or fixed, it could be days, weeks, or months before the site “recovers.”Manual actions, for most experienced SEOs, can be easier to diagnose and fix. After a manual action, Google typically sends a message to the website owner telling them about the penalty. A manual action is usually severe – and must be fixed as soon as possible.

Website owners need to verify their website (prove they’re the site owner) in order to get access to the data about their website. SEOs will need access to the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and access to the website if they’re going to be the ones making updates and optimizing the website.

It’s useful for SEOs if clients tell them everything they know about their website, any SEO that’s been done in the past, and generally other information about their business, their potential customers, and other marketing activities. For local businesses, it’s important that they are consistent with their NAP data. Company name (how it’s spelled out), main phone number, and the address should be consistent throughout the web, wherever it’s mentioned.

The search engines can’t understand your business and rank your web pages if you don’t have good content on your website. If you don’t have an employee to write the content and create it, then the client will need to hire someone to write that content and create it (and add it on the website).